Shipping & Returns

We have a very easy return policy to help you get your needs exactly the way you are looking for. Yes, it is quite understandable that you might face any kind of problem while receiving your package in orders. You will have a lot of time in hand to get it returned to us and have it changed by our professionals. We accept returns the weather in the 20 days of the order only if there is any kind of issues from our side.

Yes, if there is any defect in the products or if there is a mismatch according to your needs or if your order has any other product-related problems then, you can always notify us about it and get it returned. After the products have been returned, we will thoroughly address the stated issues and get it refunded or exchanged as per your needs. So, you can be assured that your needs will be fulfilled as per your satisfaction. We understand, how important it is for you to have your boxes exactly the way you were looking for. But, if there is any sort of problem after the product has been received or while being on the move then, we will not take any kind of responsibility for it.

It is very important for you to notify us of the exact problem you have with the respective boxes and we will help you with the appropriate solution. With this easy to return policy, you can surely be assured that your boxes needs are with the safest hands in the business. We will never work against our ethos and make sure that you are always associated with the quality service.

So, you must not make it late and consider us for your needs of packaging services! We will never leave you disappointed!