Terms And Conditions

If you are using our website the below mentioned terms and conditions are agreed automatically. We have complete rights to change or modify the rules and conditions any time without any prior notice. So, it is important that you go through this page you whenever you visit our website. We are the owner of the products and services which are provided on the respective website. It is our right to distribute the samples or even display our created customized boxes for the needs of the customers so that they can have an idea about our expertise.

Copyright notice

It is to be taken into consideration that users who are using our website must be made aware that all the content and information displayed on our page completely belong to us. Yes, it is completely under our ownership and we have complete right to update modify or even republished in the shared content. It can only be done with the permission of the respective owners of our company.

User conduct

You are completely responsible for any kind of information you upload or share with the help of our website. You are also completely liable for any kind of information you except through our website. You accept that you will not share or upload or use any of our information shared and the website. You must not upload any kind of information on our website without the permission of our owners.

You did not have any kind of access or authority of the information shared by the customers and hence we do not provide any kind of assurance about it. We will not be held responsible for any kind of information which according to you is unlawful, indecent or even abusive.

We have all the rights to change or remove any kind of material which is not prominent or abusive and unlawfully. But, it’s not your right to remove such information which violates our terms and condition.

We have designed our website only for humans. We always check correct and honest information and our website related to the product and services we provide. If you are observed to miss use the information available on our website and our violating the terms and conditions mentioned in this page then, it will be acknowledged as illegal and actions will be taken accordingly.

If as a customer you are purchasing something from our website then, you must have all the required authority to purchase from our company. You must be ensured that you are off the sufficient is with which you can use our website as a customer.

You have a responsibility to keep your password completely secure with which you can access your account which is registered with us. It will be fully you are responsible if someone else is having access to your account and is using it from any other place.

If you want to use all the features and attributes of our website then, you must share your personal information so that you can access it in the upcoming time. We have all the right to ask for your personal and official information if required.

You must not reveal your password to anyone and if it is misused, you must be held responsible for it.

If you are using our website, then you are accepting our privacy policy and you agree that you have read and understood the terms and conditions set by our authorities as described in the respective page.

Liability Limitation

We will not be liable for any kind of damage or accuse event while making a purchased from us. Yes, if there is any damage to the product made by you then, there is no point you can point out to the company for the wrong acts. In no event, we are liable to help you cover all the damages and losses which has been occurred due to your actions.

Refund Policy

It is important that if you find your product is not printed in the way you have stated then, it has to be informed within three working days. If the printing is not as per your specification or not has been specified then, we will be able to reprint your order birthday is no policy with which you will get your money refunded. Our management team will do a thorough defect checking of all the products. You need to share the defective products photos to the company so that we can redesign all reprint the respective product as per your specifications. But, the money will not be refunded for any kind of defects.

Order Placements And Cancellation

The prices available on our website as in USD currency and you need to pay according to that. We will start working on your requested order as soon as we get all the amount of the respective product. If there is any kind of customized orders, we will not refund any amount for any kind of reason. Yes the customer has the choice for getting the order canceled but the amount will not be order canceled but the amount will not be refunded.


Well, the color accuracy cannot be guaranteed did you do the inbuilt limitations of the printing press at yours. So, when you place your order, you agree to this drawback of the respective system first of our employs will try their very best to make sure that you get the product exactly the way you have specified. There will be no reprint doing done for any kind of color related issues. We are also not liable for any kind of mistakes printed in the final product like spelling or grammar mistakes, graphics errors, Size error, printing errors, font mistakes, and more.

As soon as you have paid us for your product, we will share the delivery date with you. Your product will be shared according to their respective delivery date. But, the delivery date will be decided after the specifications you have specified to our company and the proof has been approved by our side. We will not be held responsible if the product is not delivered to you while being shipped. If there is any kind of error in the delivery address then, you will be charged extra for additional shipping.


We have all the right in the world to change our website or terms and conditions as per our needs and that too without any kind of prior notice.


You can always connect with us by emailing us or calling our support executives.